Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Richelieu Mitts

Okay, I did these for a good friend who wants them for a Christmas gift.  I wanted to do something different so just picked two knit stitch patterns out of my 400 Knitting Stitches Book.  
I used:
Brown Sheep Wool Lanaloft worsted
US size 6 DPN's
Stitch markers 
Scrap yarn or a stitch holder ( I find that scrap yarn works better for holding the thumb stitches as it doesn't get in my way like a stitch holder does)

 Special stitches:
Knit 1 below: Insert right hand needle knit wise into the center of loop just below the next stitch, work stitch and slide off needle pulling gently at the same time to elongate the stitch
SM: slip marker
M1: make 1

Cast on 35 stitches divide stitches on to dpn’s and join to work in the round. 
Row 1: *purl 4, knit 1* repeat from * to * around
Row 2: *purl 4, knit 1* repeat from * to * around
Row 3: *purl 4, knit 1 below* repeat around
Repeat rows 1-3 for the length of cuff  (I did 9 rows)
Row 10: *purl 4, knit 1* repeat to last 5 stitches, purl 4, knit 1fb

Main Pattern: 
Row 1: *knit 5, purl 1*, place marker, M1, place marker,  repeat from * to * around
Row 2 and all other even rows:  work stitches as they are presented ( knit knits and purl purls)
Row 3: *knit 4, purl 1, knit 1*, SM, M1, K3, M1, SM, repeat from * to * around
Row 5: *knit 3, purl 1, knit 2*, SM, M1, K5, M1, SM, repeat from * to * around
Row 7: *knit 2, purl 1, knit 3*, SM, M1, K7, M1, SM, repeat from * to * around
Row 9: *knit 1, purl 1, knit 4*, SM, M1, K9, M1, SM, repeat from * to * around 
Row 11: *purl 1,  knit 5*, SM, M1, K11, M1, SM, repeat from * to * around
Row: 13: *knit 5, purl 1*, remove marker, slip gusset stitches onto holder or scrap yarn to work later, remove marker, repeat from * to * around
Row 14-36: continue in pattern as set
Row 37: Cast off loosely

Thumb Gusset: 
Pick up the 11 stitches on holder and pick up an additional 7 stitches around the thumb
Starting with row one of the Main pattern, work rows 1-12 one time
Cast off and weave in ends
I did a single crochet around the bottom of the cuff, the top of the glove and the top of the thumb, but this is as in all things knit/crochet, optional.  :)  
Hope you enjoy this pattern, it's really fairly easy.