Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Too many projects, too little time...

I've started two more projects, one is another pair of socks for SKA and Solid Socks, too much fun, one pair is  General Hogbuffer's WASTL and the other is Welsh Country Stockings,   loving these, they make for great hiking socks, and then I started a Musica Tote, , I need to get them all done by the end of the month, talk about getting into a time crunch. lol
And I still need to finish the Pinnacles and Turrets socks too,  Sheesh! lol
So much for starting Christmas stuff now.
The Welsh country stockings are my quick and easy one, the felted bag will go pretty quickly once I get really going on the chart work.  I think we all need an easy project when we are doing a very detailed, charted pattern like Wastl.
Well, I guess I'd best get back to it, not only do I need to get the knitting done on the bag, I need to get it felted, dried, and a lining sewn and attached.
Have a wonderful day/evening, see you next time.