Saturday, May 6, 2017

Yoga, garden, and general life

Good morning, it's a gorgeous day, but what happened to our spring days in the 70's?  We've gone from 40's &50's to 80's, goodness.
I have been doing yoga the last two months and I'm loving it, if you think you can't, you can, a good instructor has modifications for just about everything and it is a practice not a perfect,  I'm down 7 pounds.  I have been doing spin cycle for a year and not lost any weight.

I need to get the greenhouses set up today and get the plant starts out into them, they are getting too big for the spare bedroom and need to be out in the sun at this point, just praying that we don't get any damaging hail, the big greenhouse was torn to bits last time, thank goodness for duct tape. ツ

I guess it's time that I get moving, I've procrastinated enough here, have a wonderful and positive day.

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